Sang + Ild are Danish words for song and fire. And this site contains the visual projects by me, Rasmus Sangild – a Danish photographer on occasion.

The photographs featured are from around the world and the projects came to life through exploration and curiosity. These photos are songs that I couldn’t write in any other way, and if nothing else they should at least be worth a tale or two around the fire.

I group my photographs around a story or a particular subject that can best be told in several images. I rarely take single images, but when I do they can occasionally be found on the blog. In general my images are firmly rooted in the documentary genre, but emphasis is on storytelling and sometimes other elements are added to create a coherent story. I photograph real people and real things, but the intention is not to recreate reality – I try to tell things the way I see them and the way I feel they should be told.

Though I am not the most technically advanced camera user to walk this earth I find confidence in the fact that if I hadn’t pressed the shutter in that defining moment no one else would and these stories would largely have remained untold.

You are welcome to use the images on this site on blogs or not-for-profit websites. Please credit me though, and don’t crop or alter the images in any other ways. If in doubt, please get in touch.