• Raj

    One tattoo says: ”He who sails the seven seas”. Another: ”Dead men tell no tales”. The inscriptions were done at a time when he was sailing around on Dutch and Portuguese cargo ships. He got his first tattoo at age 16, but as the photographs are being taken he is reluctant to tell his current age. A young waitress that he likes is within hearing range and he is a little worried that she will think he is too old for her.
  • Fritz

    Fritz was 17 years old when he started sailing. That was back in 1976 and little less than a year later he got his first tattoo. Now in his mid fifties he is still sailing and still getting tattooed. His latest tattoo in the making is an image on his chest of the tall ship where he was taught how to be a sailor.
  • Ole

    Most of the tattoos where done in the Far East: Hong Kong, Australia and the Philippines when he was sailing on cargo ships transporting iron castings. He got all his tattoos when he was between 15 and 21 years old. Later on when he became a father and grew more responsible he would sometimes regret the tattoos when going to the public swimming pool with his kids.
  • Peter

    When he was younger he used to know a few ladies, but not all of them where too impressed with his tattoos. He got the tattoos when he was working on fishing boats, but he went ashore after a while. Now him and his wife serve fried fish on rye bread in a little cantina in the far end of the southern part of the Copenhagen harbour.